Contact-free delivery

How to make a contact-free delivery:

  1. Check the delivery notes to see if a contact-free delivery has been asked for
  2. Let the customer know you’ve arrived 
  3. Place your thermal bag open on the ground outside their door 
  4. Step back at least 1 metre and wait nearby for them to collect it
  5. Mark the order as delivered only when you’ve seen the customer collect it

Should every delivery be contact-free?

Yes, all deliveries are now contact-free.

Should I avoid direct contact with restaurant staff too?

If you want to limit your contact with others, please let the staff know once you’ve arrived at the restaurant and politely ask if they can place the order you’re collecting on the counter when ready instead of handing it over to you. 

We continue to share COVID-19 guidance with all restaurant partners, and they have put their own measures in place to guard against the risk of infection for their employees, riders and customers.