Map indicating Clustered Zones

Clustered Zones

Typically, delivering an order to another zone means additional time spent travelling back to your booked zone before receiving another order. We understand that this time is spent without earnings.

To address this, we have introduced Clustered Zones. When you’re logged in to ride in one such zone, you’ll also be offered orders from restaurants located in its neighbouring zone within the same cluster without the need to change your login zone, especially during times of high demand.

The following zones are clustered as of Aug 2022:


  • SGBG - Bugis
  • SGOT - Orchard Road/Tanglin
  • SGBK - Bukit Merah
  • SGHS - Harbourfront/Sentosa


  • SGPR – Pasir Ris
  • SGTP – Tampines
  • SGCS – Changi/Simei

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this work for me?

  • Example: A rider logs in to the SGOT zone as usual
  • After delivering an order from a restaurant in SGOT to a customer in SGBK, the rider starts travelling back to their login zone (SGOT). However, during this time, the rider may be offered more orders from restaurants in SGBK too.
  • This can also work the other way around for SGBG, SGOT and SGHS riders completing deliveries in SGBK.

Where will this feature be available?

This feature only applies to zones in SGBG – SGBK – SGOT – SGHS and SGTP – SGPR – SGCS and the riders who log in to ride within those zones.