We are excited to present the Rider Suggestion Form, which allows you to contribute additional insights and topics that you can provide more information on.

This form is intended for general feedback purposes and is not meant to serve as a support form. It is important to note that riders should not rely on this form as their primary means of contacting us. Instead, we encourage riders to utilise the 'contact us' button on the rider webpage for any inquiries or concerns they may have.

Examples of accepted feedback:

✅ Suggesting a perk at a merchant or restaurant to offer discounts for riders who frequently visit.

✅ Reporting connectivity issues at a specific condominium or apartment that prevent marking orders as completed.

✅ Noting that the thermal bag does not securely hold certain food containers and suggesting the addition of a specific compartment.

Examples of unaccepted feedback:

❌ Requesting assistance to retrieve a disabled account

❌ Seeking help with a delayed payout.

❌ Reporting non-receipt of a rider kit and requesting assistance.

Share your top suggestions with us today!

Share with us your positive, negative, and exceptional feedback.