Equipment Safety Standards

Equipment Safety Standards

Food safety is incredibly important and using the correct kit is key to ensuring that orders arrive at the customer in the best condition possible.

Failing to use all required safety equipment when you work with Deliveroo is a breach of your supplier agreement with us. Due to the serious impact that this has on food service and safety, if you are found to be online working with us without kit that meets these standards, we would be unable to continue working with you as a rider with Deliveroo.

Insulated Food Cargo Box/Backpack

A durable, foil-lined food cargo backpack or box.

  • minimum internal dimensions: 36cm x 36cm x 43cm
  • at least 1cm of insulating material
  • secure closing mechanism
  • must be clean and hygienic
  • external reflective elements to ensure that it is visible to all road users at all times

Halal Food Only Bag or Liner

A thin fabric liner or foil-lined thermal bag for Halal food.

Bag requirements:

  • minimum dimensions: 35cm x 26cm x 35cm

Liner requirements:

  • minimum dimensions: 70cm x 70cm x 20cm

Both bag/liner must fulfil:

  • must fit inside your external food cargo backpack/box
  • secure closing mechanism
  • must be clean and hygienic
  • should only ever contain Halal food

Reflective Outer Layer

This should be at least 20% reflective material with reflective elements on the waist, cuffs and shoulders to ensure that the outline of your body and movement is visible to all other road users at all times when on the road.


An undamaged helmet suitable for your vehicle.

Lights (bicycles only)

Front (white) & back (red) bike lights in full working condition. Using lights is a mandatory requirement under the Singapore Law, under the Road Traffic Act (Chapter 276, Section 140)