Keep safe on the road and reporting crime

Keep safe on the road

Your safety is our priority, so we’ve recently stepped up our measures – including introducing an in-app safety reporting feature and safety contact line – to help protect you from becoming a victim of crime.

Remember, if you ever have any safety concerns while working with us, please follow these steps:

If you are worried about your safety on an order speak to us. If you ever have concerns about completing an order due to safety considerations, please move to a safe location out of any immediate danger and contact rider support on +6531584714 to be unassigned. This will not affect how you work with us in the future.

If you have concerns about an area do not work there. If you do not feel safe delivering to a certain area you do not need to deliver there. Your safety is our priority. The launch of self-serve booking means that each rider can choose to work in any area across Singapore.

Report your concerns to the police. Remember to call 999 if your vehicle is stolen, if you are threatened/attacked or you witness a crime.

How to report a crime

If the offence is happening now – call 999 for emergency support or SMS 71999

If the offence has already occurred and you are not in immediate danger – visit Singapore Police Force’s website to make an electronic Police Report.

If your vehicle has been stolen, the Police are likely to request the following information when you report a crime


  • Make, model and registration number of vehicle
  • Was a tracker activated on the vehicle?
  • Where it was stolen from? – including the street name
  • Are there any distinctive features of the vehicle?
  • Can you describe any suspects and what they wore?
  • Do you have any relevant video/CCTV footage?

Remember, in the event of a theft put your safety first and never confront a thief.