Guide to fees

Deliveroo offers fees for your delivery services, which are sent once every two weeks to your bank account. You will receive an invoice confirmation two days before your fee date.

Fees are paid based on the time that the order is assigned to you. If you happen to receive an order after your session ends, rest assured that you will still receive any fees that you are owed for services completed during this time.

Check the Calendar see dates for the cut-off, invoice, and payment days.

Everytime we offer you a delivery, we give you all the information you need, including:

  • The delivery location details
  • The exact fee offered for this delivery
  • The option to accept if you want to do it, or reject if you’d rather not.

How are fees calculated?

Fees are designed to reward you for the effort you put in to every delivery. This means that the deliveries that take you further and longer to complete, will pay more.

Our mapping system takes the available routes for every delivery into account. It considers aspects such as the distance, traffic flows, diversions and hills when calculating every fee. This means you should always see fees that reflect the effort required for every delivery.

Cash out

You can get paid whenever you want, as often as you want – even after just one order.

Cash out once you hit a target or before a special occasion and get your money within 3 working days. Or just wait for your usual, free bi-weekly payments. It’s up to you.

What is the minimum delivery fee?

Rather than focusing on a minimum fee that you rarely see, we’re investing in the orders that you see most frequently – the medium and long distance deliveries. As well as spending more money on these deliveries, we’re also redistributing some fees from the very short to the very long orders. This means that the fee you are offered for the shortest distances will be lower than you have seen previously, but higher for medium and long distances.

Are my earnings likely to change?

By choosing to accept and deliver orders regularly, including medium and long distance deliveries, your earnings should improve. We’ve made these changes to help riders to earn fees that better reflect the effort that you put in to each delivery.

Will scooter / motorcycle riders be offered higher fees?

Delivery fees are dynamic. Each fee is designed to reflect the time and effort required to complete that delivery. Every fee offered to a scooter also includes an additional amount to reflect the additional costs of delivering by scooter. The scooter bonus is a dynamic additional payment included in your overall fee.

How is the fee calculated?

Every fee reflects the distance from where you are to the restaurant and from there to the customer, taking into account non-travel elements such as estimated waiting at the restaurant, parking or finding the customer. Keep an eye out for surge fees being offered in the app – these mean you can make more during busy times.