New rider incentives

Interested to ride with us?

New riders are qualified for an incentive on top of your regular delivery fees and surges. This is a welcome token from us to help maximise your earnings with Deliveroo!

Earn up to $150 extra on your 14 days when you deliver orders between 10 am to 1 pm and/or 5 pm to 8 pm at SGBD, SGBG, SGBK, SGBQ, SGCC, SGEA, SGEK, SGHS, SGNT, SGOT. T&Cs Apply.

Zone area reference (more details here):

  • SGBD - Bedok
  • SGBK - Bukit Merah
  • SGBG - Bugis
  • SGBQ - Bukit Timah / Queenstown
  • SGCC - Chinatown-Clarke Quay
  • SGEK - Editions-Katong
  • SGEA - Editions Alice
  • SGHS - Harbourfront / Sentosa
  • SGKG - Katong / Geylang
  • SGNT - Novena / Toa Payoh
  • SGOT - Orchard-Tanglin

Some useful tips to help you get started

  • How does heat map work?

    We have introduced a new and improved heatmap in the app for you to use on the road. It’ll help you maximise the times you choose to ride, with demand information you can rely on.

    The hexagons represent restaurants or groups of restaurants. The stronger the hexagon colour, the busier the restaurants in those areas are. Your heatmap will show you if your current area is busy, moderate, or not busy right now. We base this on  customer demand and the number of riders already online in that area. Whenever a fee boost is available in an area the hexagons will turn teal.

  • How many stacked orders can I get? 

    A stacked order will be made up of two orders. Eg. If you’re offered a stacked order from a restaurant, we may offer you 1 order for 2 deliveries.

    When doing stacked orders, on days that there are incentives, these are counted as 2 deliveries done which will then be considered as 2 orders done. Learn more about stacked orders.

  • How do I get paid?

    Riders get paid for each delivery they make. The exact delivery fee varies per order and includes a variable distance fee. You will be told of the delivery fee payable before you accept the order. Keep an eye out for surge fees being offered in the app – these mean you can make more during busy times.

    You can cash out once you hit a target or before a special occasion and get your money within 3 working days. Or just wait for your usual, free bi-weekly payments.

    Riders keep 100% of any tips received and these are paid at the same time as the rest of your fees.

  • Where can I view the bi-weekly invoice and payment calendar?

    You may view the fees cycle calendar here.

    If you have yet to receive your fees on the payment date, kindly wait until 3 pm on Saturday for the payment transaction to complete. Please note that all other incentives except the Extra Fees stated in the app will be included in the bi-weekly invoice.

    If you have yet to receive your fees by the payment date of your respective transaction, please complete this form.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Each rider account is eligible for the new rider incentive only once.
  • The amount payable is the amount that Deliveroo advertised at the time of the rider account activation date.
  • Orders must be completed within 30 days from the rider account creation date. No extension is allowed.
  • The extra bonus incentive can be stackable with the new rider incentive capped at 50 orders delivered in the selected zones and hours as advertised.
  • The extra bonus incentive is only eligible if the rider successfully completed the base incentive (Motorcycle - delivered 50 order for $150 Or Ebike or PAB - delivered 30 orders for $52).
  • The incentive will be paid out at the end of 14 days from the rider account creation date by the next bi-weekly auto payout cycle.
  • If an accepted order is rejected after arriving at the restaurant, it will not be counted as an order delivered.
  • Riders must have an active Rider account with Deliveroo to be eligible for payouts. e.g. Not Terminated
  • Incentive payout will not be made to anyone who does not meet these terms or is believed to be abusing the scheme.
  • The new rider must not have worked with Deliveroo previously.
  • Deliveroo reserves the right to change any component of the campaign structure at any time without notice.
  • This program runs for a limited period only.
  • Click here for more information on the Deliveroo marketing promotions T&Cs.

Interested to ride with us?

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