Tech round-up: Stacking Orders

Why am I sometimes offered two orders from the same restaurant, and asked to deliver them in the same journey?

Sometimes, two orders from the same restaurant are ready at around the same time, and the customer addresses are near each other. When this happens, Frank offers both orders to one rider. We call this a stacked order.

You could be offered both orders at the same time, or you might be offered the second order in the stack while you’re on your way to the restaurant.

Frank offers you stacked orders so that each customer will get their food in the most reliable and efficient way. This helps us serve more customers, especially when we’re busy.

Sometimes, Frank may decide it’s best to drop off the order that is farthest away first or, it might feel like you pass one customer’s address to get to the next one. This is linked to when the order was placed, how long each item takes to prepare and each customer’s order arrival time. In short, this is so that every order arrives hot and on time.

For you, stacked orders mean you earn more money in less time. They save you time on the road as you only have to go to the restaurant once and make two deliveries.

We know that sometimes, the first order in the stack might be ready for collection and you might have to wait for the second one to be ready.  

Of course, we try to make sure stacked orders are ready for you to pick up at the same time. When this doesn’t happen, remember fee per delivery riders can use the new feature in the app that lets you:

  • See when both orders are expected to be ready, helping you to decide whether or not you want to wait for that second order.
  • Use the timer to see how long you’ve been waiting.
  • Tell us how long you’ve been waiting.
  • Choose to reject either order in the app, straight away.

  • How many stacked orders can I get? 

    A stacked order will be made up of two orders. Eg. If you’re offered a stacked order from a restaurant, we may offer you 1 order for 2 deliveries.

    When doing stacked orders, on days that there are incentives, these are counted as 2 deliveries done which will then be considered as 2 orders done. Learn more about stacked orders.